Working directly on site with either nature or historic structures, you can see the benefits of your labour helping to conserve and develop this precious historic landscape.  You will be working with enthusiasts, learning skills and leaving a conservation legacy with every project.   

Historic Buildings            **COMING SOON**

Your work will directly contribute to the successful conservation of unique structures of European and worldwide importance.  Projects include removing   vegetation from brickwork and learning traditional building skills such as lime   mortaring. There are also tasks such as freshening up interiors with paint, glazing, and timber repairs. Guided in your work, you can find yourself learning a lot about history and old buildings as you go. 


By keeping the visitor area looking lovely and at its best, you will  increase the visitor experience, encourage repeat visits and and help show off the site. Projects include mowing grass, cutting back shrubs, clearing roads and pathways, litter picking, brushing down our outside exhibits. Sometimes you will be part of the team getting ready for big events or making the grounds safe for school children to use as a between lessons. 

Nature Conservation

Work alongside nature enthusiasts and learn about the wildlife of the site and   how to preserve and develop natural habitats in this site of open grassland,   waterways and woodland. Projects also include clearing paths and creating   views, and developing areas for education about wildlife. You will work in beautiful surroundings helping wildlife to thrive and making the nature of the   site a special experience for visitors and schoolchildren.