Celebrate the 17th Century at the Royal Gunpowder Mills this May Half Term

Running everyday from Saturday 23rd to Sunday 31st May, this jam-packed Half Term week will showcase the best of the 1600s.

As the century that saw the Royal Gunpowder Mills come to life for the first time as a manufacturing centre, it's a very important time for us, but it was also a fascinating century for the country as a whole!

Discover the amazing scientific discoveries of the time, from Newton's Law of Gravitation to Galileo's discovery of Jupiter's moons, and have a go at testing out their theories yourself!

Don't forget about social history too - learn about the different kings and queens of the time, and discover how everyone else lived.

And make sure you secure your seat in the Mad Lab to watch Professor Nitrate's amazing science show and learn about all explosions!

With so much more still to come, keep an eye on the website for details and how to buy tickets