Experience the Royal Gunpowder Mills

Discover 300 years of explosive history! Experience an in-depth Tractor Trailer Guided Tour of our 170 acre site, Exhibitions and Gunpowder Railway.


£18 per person

Time and Date

Saturday 15th April 2023

10:30AM - 2.00PM - Click here to book

11:30AM - 3:00PM - Click here to book


Discover why a one-legged stool was a crucial health and safety implement, find out how the factory workforce doubled during WW1 as women came to work at the Royal Gunpowder Mills, and learn about the site's final phase as a top-secret Explosives Research and Development Establishment. 

You will see the remains of buildings used in the production of explosives including the Grand Nitrator (where nitroglycerine was manufactured), Newton’s Pool used for the testing of underwater explosives including the explosives used in the Dambusters' “bouncing bomb” and our iconic Press House with waterwheel where one of the most dangerous processes on site took place. 


Your ticket includes:

Please note that our cafe will not be open but nearby Waltham Abbey has various food outlets to enjoy before or after your visit.

There will be no science shows or children's activities at this event. Please see our Children's Willow Weaving and Easter Egg Hunt and keep an eye on our website for future children's activities

Assistance dogs are welcome and water is available. Sorry, no other dogs allowed