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Recycle Programme

Mobile Phones & Ink Cartridges

Please help raise funds to support the wildlife and heritage of the Royal Gunpowder Mills by recycling your used printer cartridges and mobile phones.

All you need to do is enclose and send your empty printer cartridge/mobile phone in an A5 envelope and post it using our Freepost Label.

The Royal Gunpowder Mills will receive a generous donation for each cartridge recycled (up to £1) and on average each workable mobile phone is worth £6. Plus recycling helps to reduce pollution and save energy each year. 

Please note:Printer cartridges - we are sorry we cannot recycle Epson or Epson compatible cartridges, Brother, Canon BCI, laser or toner cartridges.

Mobile Phones - please remove the SIM card and do not include mobile chargers.

Click here to download our printable Freepost Labels...