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Armoury Talk – The Gun

Wednesday 21st February 7pm – 9pm


Sample the first of our Armoury talks for free.


The Gun, a condensed history - from Crecy to current conflicts.

From its 13th century beginnings to modern firearms, the gun has evolved from a crude tube to the sophisticated weapons we see today. The scientific principal of harnessing an explosion has remained constant but mechanical development has tested imagination and technical ability with innovation driven by necessity, prestige and battlefield advantage. Join us on a whistle-stop journey through the development of the gun, at the end of which, you will know an AK from an arquebus, a Maxim from a matchlock and a Derringer from a duelling pistol.

This is the first in a series of talks bringing you the story behind the exhibits in our armoury with Royal Gunpowder Mills volunteers sharing their knowledge, using historic weapon examples to bring history alive.

Wednesday 21st February at the Royal Gunpowder Mills, Waltham Abbey 7pm to 9pm.

As an introductory offer, this first talk is FREE. Places are limited and demand will be high.