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Eggsplosive Easter: 25 March - 10 April


Easter Bunnies and Eggsplosions

Eggsplosive Easter runs everyday through the school holidays from 25 March to 10 April from 10am to 5pm. We have a packed programme including Easter egg hunts, puppet shows, science demonstrations, t-shirt printing, rocket making and other fun activities. It is a great day out for all the family in this beautiful setting of history, gunpowder and nature.

Special for Easter Friday & Saturday 25-26 March


Easter Egg Hunt for younger children with appearances of the Easter Bunny throughout the day.  The Royal Gunpowder Mills is a great place for secrets and discovery in a beautiful setting with historic buildings and wildlife.  Lots for older kids and grown-ups too - scroll down and see!

Time: All day.


Puppet Shows featuring Mr Bloo’s Easter Extravaganza. Don’t be fooled by Mr Bloo’s big innocent eyes!  He’s up to something! He’ll be very pleased to meet you … but watch out! 

Showtimes: 12:00pm, 2:00pm, 4:00pm

Special for Easter Sunday & Monday 27-28 March


Pyro Explosive Shows with big bangs and flashes. Explosive science comes alive to thrill and dazzle – a spectacular demonstration to thrill all.

Showtimes:  12:40, 3:40

Everyday from Easter Friday to 10 April


Mad Lab: Professor Nitrate unveils science experiments with the help of the audience with a fun-packed series of hands on experiments and activities set within the laboratory of an eccentric rocket scientist. The Professor is always on the look-out for willing volunteers, so be prepared for fun adventures!

Showtimes: Friday &  Saturday:11am, 1pm, 3pm  /  Sunday and Monday: 11.40am, 2.40pm  /  All other days: 11.40am, 1.40pm, 3.40pm


Crafts: Enjoy a variety of craft-making activities for all ages. A big favourite is making and launching your very own rocket! Other crafts to try include puppet-making and t-shirt printing (for a small charge).



Rocket Vault: After crafting and launching a rocket, see the exhibition of real rockets! Once, the Royal Gunpowder Mills was a top secret place. Includes rocket motors used to launch satellites into space. We also have a Film and Exhibition, an Armoury, and Women at War exhibitions.



Wildlife Walk: Nature is all around at the Royal Gunpowder Mills. Watch out for deer, kingfishers, herons.  Go on a guided walk along our Wildlife Trail and climb the Wildlife Tower to enjoy the panorama and secretly observe!


Play Away: There is lots of play space on the wide grass area of Queen’s Mead, plus an adventure playground, and rides on Crazy Contraptions. You can try a Marble Run guessing game. Where will the Marbles end up? 


Land Train or Military Vehicle Tour: This exciting guided tour takes you around the site, telling the secrets of the buildings peeping through the alder woodland, the stories of gunpowder manufacture and the people who worked here.


For Grown Ups Too!

Science, history and nature themes are embedded in the landscape and buildings of the Royal Gunpowder Mills. Visitors can ride on the land train on a journey to explore the northern parts of the site, criss-crossed with dry canals, alder woodland and the mysterious buildings uniquely designed to manufacture explosives peeping through the trees. Keep an eye out for deer throughout your stay! 

Children are at the heart of our events but there is lots for grown-ups too. Taking a guided tour around on our land train or military vehicle is a strong recommendation, and of course for the children the favourite is the rocket making which they launch as well!

Our ever-popular Professor Nitrate unveils science experiments and adventures with the help of the audience in the Mad Lab. This is a fun, lively way for everyone to create and test Big Bang theories and learn about science.

Grown-Ups too can do rocket making and launching workshops, don't miss the Rocket Vault where you can see some of the rockets worked on when Royal Gunpowder Mills was a top secret government research facility.

Browse our website for the many other things you can enjoy.

For more information, please contact our Family Activities Officer by emailor phone 01992707320.

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