Main Exhibition

Our interactive exhibition is the best way to understand the history surrounding the site and the science behind gunpowder.

As you work your way through the labyrinth of artefacts, displays and interactive video games, you can see the following: 

  • How gunpowder originated from China and made its way to the UK
  • The difference between explosives and propellants
  • The ingredients that go into producing gunpowder and how the raw materials are gathered 
  • Life on board a battle ship gun deck
  • Interesting artefacts dug up on site
  • The way powder boats were used to transport gunpowder
  • The Dam Busters bouncing bomb
  • Preventing and what to do in the event of an explosion


An award winning film revealing the history of explosives and how they were produced at the Royal Gunpowder Mills. 

The film shows every 20 minutes throughout opening hours and is screened in the Theatre located on the second floor of the Main Exhibition Building.