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Author: Adam Warren


The Royal Gunpowder Mills is reliant on the time, skills, knowledge and hard work given by the team of volunteers. The team works to preserve and share the site and its unique history, for the visitors and for the future.


Author: Adam Warren

See you soon!

The Royal Gunpowder Mills is now closed for the winter but we look forward to seeing you at Easter 2022!



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  • Springing to Life

    Spring has arrived at the The Royal Gunpowder Mills, as we are getting ready for a Covid safe reopening nature is taking over and bursting with life. Read all about it in our news letter. Read more

  • Lights, Camera, Action! RGM cinema upgrade complete

    We have finally completed our upgrade of the Royal Gunpowder Mills cinema! Made possible by the Heritage Recovery Grant, we are all set with light fixtures and accessible space. Perfect for those looking to hire a theatre or conference space. Read more

  • Behind the scenes: The Reopening of the Mills!

    News update on what the staff and volunteers of the royal gunpowder mills have doing to prepare for their grand reopening. Read more

Our exhibitions

  • Main Exhibition and Film

    Travel back through time and discover 300 years of explosive and top secret history through film, exhibitions and interactive displays. Read more

  • The Rocket Vault

    Tankbusters, rocket motors and anti-aircraft missiles were all on Waltham Abbey's top-secret to-do list. This kind of work gave rise to the Waxwing project: the rocket which first fired British satellites into earth's orbit. Read more

  • Women at War

    Over 3000 women worked as 'Munitionettes' at 'The Powder Mills'. The photo gallery is a fascinating display highlighting the varied and crucial roles women played during the war. Read more

  • The Armoury

    From two shots a minute from a three hundred year old musket to over fifteen hundred shots a minute from a WW2 machine gun, discover how firearms changed over the centuries by visiting our collection of over 300 historic firearms. Read more