The exhibition shows the development of rocket motors and propellants from Congreve's gunpowder rocket of the early 19th century through to the guided missiles of the cold war and those used in the Falklands and Gulf wars. Former employees are often on hand to give guided tours and answer any technical questions concerning rockets and propellants.

Among the exhibits on show are a rocket engine from a V2 that broke up in midair over Waltham Abbey in 1945, a Wolfhound motor from a Thunderbird anti-aircraft rocket of the Cold War era, a Blowpipe ground to air missile from the Falklands war and a set of Skylark research rocket motors that provided valuable scientific information over a period of some fifty years. Also on show is an Exocet motor used by both sides in the Falklands war and a small liquid fuel engine from a Chevaline nuclear missile. Present day missiles include a Starstreak used on top of east London tower blocks during the 2012 Olympic Games and a Rapier motor used on the outer ring of missiles at the same event.

Also on show are examples of the various constituents of propellants used in rocket motors.

Outside is a 36 inch diameter Stonechat, the largest motor that we produced and a flight test vehicle for a Gosling booster for the Thunderbird and Bloodhound missiles.