The Armoury showcases a comprehensive collection of small arms and militaria which were recently acquired, catalogued and redesigned by The Royal Gunpowder Mills with the help of the Heritage Lottery Fund. The current exhibition was designed by David Kenyon. The exhibition displays over 300 historic firearms covering the periods from the English Civil War to present day conflicts.

Our volunteer staff are happy to explain the science, technology and history of the various types of weapons on display which include heavy medium and light machine guns, sub machine guns, manual and self-loading rifles, revolvers and pistols, mortars, rocket launchers and grenades.

The weapons come from all over the world and represent the small arms used by the major combatants from the English Civil War to present day conflicts.

The exhibition includes most of the weapons produced by the nearby Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield, these include Bren guns including a rare 1938 dated MK1, .455 and .38 revolvers, Sten guns and rifles.Helmets, hats, uniforms, badges, leather and webbing equipment, flags, swords, bayonets and spears complete the display and the comments in our visitor book confirm that it is well worth seeing.

The Armoury Catalogue

The Armoury Catalogue is a database of the collection, with images and specifications. 

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