You can make all the difference to a visitor’s experience by working in one of a number of roles connected with the Visitor Attraction. This is a fun, sociable form of volunteering. You need to be cheerful, calm and helpful to enable the visitors to get the best experience from their visit to the Royal Gunpowder Mills.


1:  Stewarding

Be one of a team of uniformed volunteers assisting visitors to get the most out of their time at RGM. Help by welcoming visitors onto site, staffing exhibitions or assisting with events and activities. Exhibitions that you may opt to help and improve include the Armoury and the Rocket Vault using your specialist knowledge of the topic or an interest to learn.

2: Tours

Pass on the wonders of the history, buildings and nature of the site to the visitors by being part of the tour crews. If you can communicate well, we can provide you with the information to become a RGM tour guide or if you have a full UK driving licence we will train you to drive the tractor or military truck around the tour routes.

3: Railways

Blow the whistle! Drive the train! A big attraction for visitors are the two Railways on the site.

You can read about the railways here. As a Railway Volunteer you will be showing off the site and keeping alive an important link to the industrial railway that once ran here  - as a train driver, guard or station master.  Bring your practical skills and your passion for helping visitors appreciate what railways are all about.

Narrow Gauge Railway

You can learn to be the driver or guard of the train for when we are open to the public, or work behind the scenes on railway carriages, tracks and engines. You can bring your trade skills or basic DIY skills as well as enthusiasm for being part of the team.

Mini Railway

Welcome and assist visitors as they approach the station, be the whistle blowing 'Station Master', assist passengers on and off the carriages, drive the trains and help setting up and shutting down each day

4: Family Activities

Help create a fun and educational atmosphere at our family activities.

Support the staff in ensuring the smooth running of science based fun like making and firing rockets and assist the team with preparation, clearing and general running of this fun activity.