1940s Exhibition

Feel the forties come to life around you; out special exhibition includes a reconstruction of an air raid shelter, a typical war time General Store & Post Office, and even a toy shop. Read more

Women at War

Over 3000 women worked as 'Munitionettes' at 'The Powder Mills'. The photo gallery is a fascinating display highlighting the varied and crucial roles women played during the war. Read more

The Armoury

Two shots a minute from a musket three hundred years ago, to over fifteen hundred from a WW2 machine gun, the history of firearms is a story of amazing technical development and inventiveness. Read more

Main Exhibition and Film

Travel back through time and discover 300 years of explosive and top secret history through film, exhibitions and interactive displays. Read more

The Rocket Vault

Tankbusters, rocket motors and anti-aircraft missiles were all on Waltham Abbey's top-secret to-do list. This kind of work gave rise to the Waxwing project: the rocket which first fired British satellites into earth's orbit. Read more