The Gunpowder Railway is an ongoing, volunteer led project. Over the past decade, volunteers have laid over 1 km of track, restored a number of diesel locomotives to working order, and converted naval mine wagons into passenger carriages. In 2022 the railway opened to the public, carrying over 15,000 passengers in just one year.

Volunteering Opportunities

Everyone is welcome to volunteer with us regardless of experience or background. Our volunteers range from 21 to 79 years of age, include both men and women, and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. There are lots of different ways to volunteer with the Gunpowder Railway including helping with administrative tasks, technical maintenance, laying new track, and becoming a train driver or guard.

Whether you would like to develop your technical understanding of locomotives or fulfil a childhood dream of becoming a train driver, volunteering with the Gunpowder Railway is the perfect way to learn new skills whilst having fun and meeting new people.


Gunpowder Railway Volunteers have the option of being on site up-to 2 days a week:

Wednesdays – are principally maintenance days repairing and keeping rolling stock in order so that they are safe for use on public open days. We also provide some maintenance for the wider site.

Saturdays – are principally project days working on the bigger projects. Currently, we are putting together a new storage shed for our ever increasing rolling stock and building new wagons to put on display.

Get Involved

If you are interested in becoming a Gunpowder Railway Volunteer please contact our Volunteer Manager Liz Went: [email protected]