August 2017 saw a milestone in the railway story, it carried approximately one hundred passengers (both site visitors and volunteers) between the Southern and Northern stations both of which have now been completed. The railway received many complements and much feedback, the train had been run over many months and problems “ironed out”. The second passenger carrying carriage is now complete and ready to go into traffic, this will increase passenger capacity to thirty.

The Baguley Drewry locomotive has starter motor problems which has been removed and is away at a specialist for repair.

The Southern run around loop still awaits completion, the railway group hopes to complete this before Winter (the area is not pleasant due to its proximity to the flood channel)

Dudley, the standard gauge Planet locomotive (ex North Woolwich railway museum)  is now in Suffolk being restored by an enthusiast.

The railway group received a state of the art welding machine from ESAB Ltd who are a local welding company, they have over time given much support, materials and advice for which the railway is most grateful.

Railway volunteers and their families attended a barbeque in September given in gratitude for all the hard work (and tea drinking) that had been carried out over the past year. Rides were given both on the train and Peggy (Raymond Rowe’s traction engine) A good time was had by all.

The railway have been offered a replacement Portakabin thanks to Rye House power station (this would replace their rotten locker/changing area) but due to its size is proving difficult to arrange transportation, further investigation is underway to resolve this problem.

A large capacity air compressor has been obtained and installed which will enable a wider use of air tools, which could prove more durable than electrical tools.

The points in the area of the main workshop have been repaired and relaid, it is now hoped to run the demonstration trains again. The wagons of this train will require much refurbishment, but is much in demand.

The railway group still has a lot to do, more volunteers are required in particular for train crews (guards, drivers, duty officers and an administrator) also help with ongoing and future projects and maintenance. Rule book and general training is still ongoing. So if you feel you would like to part of this fantastic project please contact Liz Went, volunteer manager at Royal Gunpowder mills on 01992 707340

Wargm Railway, October 2017