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Find out about life for rich and poor Victorians at the Royal Gunpowder Mills and in the surrounding area. How did they work, eat, learn, live and spend their leisure time? How was life different for rich and poor people? 

Why were the Royal Gunpowder Mills so important locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally?

Victorian Life

What was everyday life like for an ordinary Victorian worker? Why was the Royal Gunpowder Mills an important place to work? Home life and working life, wealth and poverty, leisure and learning and technology and innovation are brought to life through this exciting new learning package.

Engaging resources and activities will support your topic and a lively, interactive virtual visit from a character from the Royal Gunpowder Mills’ Victorian past will take your children back in time!

(Virtual visits - 30 minutes KS1, 45 minutes KS2).

In-school visits

As above, but our character will come to you in person!

With support from the Heritage Lottery Fund and brought to you in partnership with Spectrum Drama, a UK leader in historic and contemporary drama for museums, schools and more.

On-site visits at the Royal Gunpowder Mills

We look forward to welcoming you back on site in summer 2022 for Victorian Life - 2 x 75 minute sessions with our Spectrum Drama character and one of our education team. 

More details of our exciting new programmes to follow. 

This programme has been adapted for Covid safety.

To check availability or to make a booking, either call or email the education team. For prices and more information click here.

01992 707320 or [email protected]